Middle American Chaos- Infotext

Middle American Chaos v1.3
Middle American Chaos is an five-player Diplomacy variant designed by Yvonne
Linka and Rene Krokowski.

The Map is based on the national borders in the beginning of the 21th
century. The division in territories as well as the division of water-spaces
is mainly edited regarding the playability but nevertheless often shows
realistic regions. This variant doesn't represent a realistic scenario
concerning the involved parties.

This is an "Chaos"-variant of Middle America which means:
"a player may build on any supply center that he owns that is vacant."

Winning conditions:
There are 29 supply centers. Therefore the victory criterion is the
possession of 15.

Starting positions are:
America (A): Miami (mia), New Orleans (orl)
Dominican Republic (D): Santo Domingo (dom), Santiago (san)
Mexico (X): Acapulco (aca), Yucatan (yuc)
Nicaragua (N): Managua (man), Blue Fields (bfl)
Venezuela (V): Maracaibo (mar), Cumana (cum)
The first action of the game is to build units. So the players are able to
choose the type of their start-units.

Geographical characteristics are:
1. There are five coastal regions.
- These are: scl nc/sc (Cuba), hon nc/sc (Honduras), cor wc/ec (Costa Rica),
dav nc/sc (Panama) and pan nc/sc (Panama).

2. The Panama Canal (pac):
- An army is as well able to step on the canal (which means "onto a bridge"
over the canal) as to pass directly to the adjacent territories.
Possible orders are e.g.: "A pan-pac", "A pan-dav", "A pan S F swc-pac", "F
pan(nc/sc)-pac" but not "F pan(nc/sc)-dav(nc/sc)".

If you wish to contact us send e-mail to:
"Linka@graue-substanz.net" or "Krokowski@graue-substanz.net"; any questions,
comments and/or suggestions are welcome.

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