Battleisle - Infotext

Battleisle V 1.0

Battleisle is a synthetic variant for 6 players designed by René Krokowski
and Frank Bacher.
Synthetic means that the map was drawn without existing
landscapes and/or countries in mind.

Winning Conditions:

There are 18 owned and 24 neutral supply centers at the
beginning of the game. Therefore 22 sc's are needed to win.

Aiel: aie, rhu, drl
Borderlands: ara, kan, shi
D'Hara: Dha, ndh, poa
Midlands: ayd, nom, tam
Riverrun: har, riv, sea
Winterfell: cab, kar, win

Unowned: boz, brr, eyr, fad, fam, kin, mam, nch, nva, now, pel, rom, sem,
sfi, sou, scm, sow, swm, sti, tal, voa, wrs, whm, yuf

Gamestart: The Game starts in Winter 0 with all players submitting their
initial builds.

Characteristics of the map:
1.Bridges and armies: Armies are free to occupy all bridges. Convois from/to
the bridges are possible, too.

2.Bridges and fleets: Bridges do not divide the surrounding waterspaces. For
example: sss is the complete waterspace to the right _and_ to the left of
boh. A similar situation occurs in wsf, nsf, esf, nss, scd and ncd fleets can
occupy all bridges as they can occupy coastspaces. It is assumed that they move
under (notonto:-)) a bridge in order to control it.

3.Both, fleets and armies, can move below a bridge, that is diverting two
landspaces, in order to reach adjacent territories.
E.g.: F kar - whh. It is assumed that the army or the fleet simply takes a
stroll under the bridge along the beach.
This problem/chance is limited to the following spaces in both directions:
kar - whh, drl - tea, sea - not, tav-ari, sof - rsc,
tum - kiw, tan - sdh, pel - ncm, swm - rim, nch - erm.

4. Please take care that the territory from which you want to move onto a
bridge is not only adjacent to the bridge, but is adjacent to te bridges "entrance".
For example: You may move "not - bfh" but there is no way to order sea to bfh.
Kar and drl work in the same way as sea. This limitation exists for both, fleets and

5.Grey spaces: The grey spaces resemble impassable territories like high
mountain ranges, swamps, dangerous coasts etc.

6.Islands: Sti cannot be reached by an fleet due to the impassable
surrounding terrain. The two bridges leading to sti can, as all other bridges, be reached by fleets.

7.On a fictional map it isn't that easy to name spaces in a senseful way.
Therfore we decided to name the home countries and the surrounding landspaces
according to some of our favorite fantasy series:

A Song of Ice and Fire - George R.R.Martin
Wheel of time - Robert Jordan
Sword of truth - Terry Goodkind

The landspaces on our Battleisle got their names from Alaskan mountain
ranges. Hopefully this illustrates how inhospitable this island will be for you conquerors:-)

This variant was designed by René Krokowski and Frank Bacher. Comments,
suggestions and or questions are welcome. Please
e-Mail to and

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