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Arab Diplomacy
Created in 1990 just after the Iraqi occupation of Kuwait.
It uses the usual rules but a new board and is an eight player variant.
The areas of Elat and Al-Aqabah are both adjacent to the Red Sea.

* It is possible to move directly between Port Said and Al-Aqabah and Al-Wajh,
both with fleets and armies.
* It is possible to move with armies to the island of Bahrain from Dhahran
and Qatar, and to the island of Khark from Shiraz.
* Fleets may move between Dhahran and Qatar.
* The area of Shiraz does not have diffrent coasts, a fleet may move from Ker - Shi - Aba.
* Port Saidcontains the Suez Canal, which makes it possible to move fleets from EAS - Sai - RED.

Starting positions:
Egypt (E): A Alx, A Sai, F Qus
Iran (A): A Tab, A Teh, F Shi
Iraq (I): A Bas, A Maw, A Bag, A Kuw
Israel (R): A Ela, A Hef, A Jer
Syria (S): A Ale, A Dam, A Ham
Turkey (T): A Ada, A Erz, F Cyp
Usa (U): A Jid, A Riy, F Dha
Yemen (Y): A Muk, A San, F Ade

There are 37 supply centres, so you need 19 to win.
Note: as of Feb 14 2001, this variant can be found as "Arab1" on the judge
Variant by : Roland Isaksson
Coded for the Judge by : Roland Isaksson
Coded for Realpolitik by: Ben Hines

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