African Riots Infotext

African Riots v5.0

African Riots is a nine-player Diplomacy variant designed by Yvonne and Rene Linka.
Thanks to Daniel Daeschle for a lot of corrections and suggestions regarding the names of the provinces, which are implemented in version 5.0, see below.

The Map is based on the national borders at the beginning of the 21th century. The territorial divisions as well as the division of water-spaces were adjusted for playability but nevertheless often show actual regions. This variant does not reflect a realistic scenario among the involved parties. It instead tries to consider the natural distribution of resources across Africa.

This is an "Aberration"-variant of Africa which means:
"a player may build on any supply center he owns which is vacant as long as he still owns at least one of his original home centers."

Winning conditions:
There are 74 supply centers. Therefore the victory criterion is the possession of 38.

Starting positions are:
Angola (A): Luanda, Lubango, Saurimo
> A Lua, F Lub, A Cho
Arabia (R): Al Hufuf, Riad, United Arabian Emirates
> A Ria, A Ahu, F Uae
Bedouin (B): Bordj Omar Driss, Djado, N'djamena
> A Bod, A Dja, A Ndm
East Africa (E): Oroa, Mogadishu, Mombasa
> A Oro, A Mom, F Mog
Egypt (Y): Assuan, Cairo, Qarah
> A Qar, F Cai(wc), A Ass
Madagascar (D): Antananarivo, Maputo, Mauritius
> F Ant, F Mau, A Map
Morocco (C): Casablanca, El Aaiun, Las Palmas de Gran Canaria
> F Lpa, A Cas, A Eaa
South Africa (S): Free State, Cape Town, Johannesburg
> A Joh, F Cto, A Frs
West Africa (W): Abidjan, Mourovia, Nzerekore
> A Nze, A Abi, F Mou

Geographical characteristics are:
1. Rivers accessible from the sea are navigable. They don't represent individual areas but most of them separate the adjacent territories.
Exceptions: Some territories are not divided by a river.
- These are: Kay Bam Til Gha Jub Bug Kin Kan Gng Brt.
- For better visualization the Realpolitik-names of these territories are positioned across the river.
2. There are four regions where four spaces come together at one point, all created by rivers. These are Ndm-Hko-Ouh-Loc, Ghm-Ass-Nud-Ash, Kuj-Blu-Jub-Gbg and Dam-Jaa-Bag-Bas. These four-way spaces are diagonally only adjacent for fleets but NOT for armies. E.g. movement from Bas to Jaa is allowed for fleets but restricted for armies.
3. The Victoria Lake is the only lake navigable by fleets. Movement from ELV to Ruk or WLV to Ser is not allowed.
4. The lakes between Nkv and Ank, Ruk/Bur and Tan, Des and Mal and the Lake between Ndm, Loc, Ada, Hau and Zin are impassable for armies. By the way the lake between Nkv and Ank isn't connected with the "Nile". Further the Chari-River is not assigned to be navigable by fleets. Therefore building a fleet in Chad N'djamena, Ndm, is senseless.
5. Due to the navigable rivers there are eleven coastal regions which separate rivers from the sea or a river from another.
- These are: Dam wc/ec, Cai wc/ec, Ass wc/ec, Con wc/ec, Bia nc/sc, Abi nc/sc, Ada nc/wc, Kon wc/ec, Kan wc/ec, Ova wc/ec, Ecp nc/sc.
6. There are two coastal regions, Sinai and Israel, which separate the Red Sea from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea:
- Sin nc/sc, Isr wc/sc.
7. Sen-Gam and Ahu-Qab: Although Gam separates the coast of Sen as Qab separates the coast of Ahu, Sen and Ahu are NOT dual-coast regions. Therefore a fleet is e.g. able to move from Nou to Sen to Gbi. Imagine that Gam and Qab give free passage to fleets;-)
8. The Suez Canal:
- An army is also able to enter the canal zone to bridge it and pass directly into the adjacent territories.
Possible orders are e.g.: "A cai - sue", "A cai - sin", "F cai(ec/wc) - sue" but not "F cai(ec/wc) - sin".
9. Island regions: Although the island regions like Sey, Mau etc. are mainly surrounded by water, fleets in these regions are not able to convoy.

If you wish to contact us send e-mail to:
""; any questions, comments and/or suggestions are welcome.

By the way, the supply centers correspond to the following resources:
Algeria Algier, Alg: Mercury, Naturalgas
Algeria Bordj Omar Driss, Bod: Mineral Oil
Algeria Hamada Du Draa, Hdd: Silver
Algeria Oasis of Tidikelt, Oti: Oasis
Angola Luanda, Lua: Mineral Oil, Coffee
Angola Chokweland, Cho: Diamonds
Angola Lubango, Lub: Oyster
Botswana Ngamiland, Nga: Diamonds
Cape Verde Islands, Cvi: Tourism
Central African Rep. Djungle, San: Diamonds
Central African Rep. Haute Kotto, Hko: Diamonds
Chad N'djamena, Ndm: Cotton
Cyprus, Cyp: Copper, Chromium
DRCongo Maniema, Man: Tin, Tungsten
DRCongo Kananga, Kan: Diamonds
DRCongo Copperbelt, Cpb: Copper
DRCongo North Kivu, Nkv: Gold
DRCongo Bandundu North, Bnn: Caoutchouk
Egypt Assuan, Ass: Iron
Egypt Cairo, Cai: Mineral Oil
Egypt Qarah, Qar: Dates, Mineral Oil
Eritrea, Eri: Coffee, Tobacco
Ethiopia Oroa, Oro: Gold
Gabon, Gab: Manganese, Mineral Oil
Ghana, Gha: Coffee, Gold, Manganese, Diamonds
Gran Canaria Las Palmas, Lpa: Tourism, Bananas
Guinea Nzerekore, Nze: Diamonds
Iraq Bagdad, Bag: Dates
Iraq Basra, Bas: Mineral Oil
Ivory Coast Abidjan, Abi: Coffee, Diamonds
Kenya Mombasa, Mom: Pearls, Coffee, Tea
Liberia Mourovia, Mou: Iron, Diamonds
Lybia As Sidrah, Asd: Mineral Oil, Naturalgas
Lybia Murzuq, Mur: Dates
Madagascar Antananarivo, Ant: Chromium
Mali Timbuktu, Tim: Millet
Mauritania Zourirate, Zou: Iron
Mauritius, Mau: Tourism
Morocco Casablanca, Cas: Phosphates, Corals
Mozambique Maputo, Map: Copper
Namibia Karas, Kar: Diamonds
Namibia Ovamboland, Ova: Copper, Silver
Nigeria Hausaland, Hau: Tin
Nigeria Yorubaland, Yor: Mineral Oil, Coffee
Niger Agadez, Agz: Millet
Niger Tilaberi, Til: Peanuts
Niger Djado, Dja: Dates
Oman, Oma: Mineral Oil
Rwanda, Rwa: Tungsten, Tin
Saint Helena, Sth: Tourism
Sardegna, Sar: Silver
Saudi Arabia Al Hufuf, Ahu: Mineral Oil
Saudi Arabia Riad, Ria: Dates
Senegal, Sen: Peanuts, Phosphates
Seychelles, Sey: Tourism
Sicilia, Sic: Mineral Oil
Sierra Leone, Sle: Diamonds
Sinai, Sin: Copper, Mineral Oil, Naturalgas
Sokotra, Sok: Tourism
Somalia Mogadishu, Mog: Bananas
South Africa Johannesburg, Joh: Platinum, Gold, Diamonds
South Africa Free State, Frs: Gold, Uranium, Diamonds
South Africa Cape Town, Cto: manifold Industry
Sudan Blue Nile, Blu: Cotton, Sugarcain
Sudan Ash Shamaliyah, Ash: Dates
Syria Damaskus, Dam: Naturalgas
Tanzania Dar Es Salaam, Des: Pearls
Tanzania Serengeti, Ser: Diamonds
Tunesia, tun: Mineral Oil
Uganda Ankole, Ank: Copper
United Arabian Emirates, Uae: Mineral Oil
Western Sahara El Aaiun, Eaa: Phosphates
Zambia Barotseland, Brt: Copper
Zimbabwe, Zim: Chromium, Copper, Gold

Changes from v4.2 to v4.3:
Corrected the adjacency of Kir and Bas.

Changes from v4.3 to v5.0:
Corrected a couple of names.
Nia-Til, Bar-Bam, Mop-Msn, Gou-Tim, Tao-Hog, Ban-Hau, Bec-Yor, Bne-Igb, Esh-Drf, Aaz-Blu, Aig-Jub, Aba-Bej, Add-Tig, Gob-Oro, Nug-Pun, Dac-San, Ndj-Equ, Ndc-Itu, Cdj-Kis, Edj-Man, Swd-Bns, Wdj-Bnn, Fpo-Ank, Kit-Bug, Tan-Ruk, Mit-Tan, Kdj-Cuv, Lbb-Cpb, Sau-Cho, Mox-Gng, Cua-Hua, Npv-Hvl, Blo-Frs


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