African Riots- Geographical Characteristics

Geographical characteristics are:

1. Rivers accessible from the sea are navigable. They don't represent individual areas but most of them separate the adjacent territories. Exceptions: Some territories are not divided by a river. - These are: Kay Bam Til Gha Jub Bug Kin Kan Gng Brt. - For better visualization the Realpolitik-names of these territories are positioned across the river.

2. There are four regions where four spaces come together at one point, all created by rivers. These are Ndm-Hko-Ouh-Loc, Ghm-Ass-Nud-Ash, Kuj-Blu-Jub-Gbg and Dam-Jaa-Bag-Bas. These four-way spaces are diagonally only adjacent for fleets but NOT for armies. E.g. movement from Bas to Jaa is allowed for fleets but restricted for armies.

3. The Victoria Lake is the only lake navigable by fleets. Movement from ELV to Ruk or WLV to Ser is not allowed.

4. The lakes between Nkv and Ank, Ruk/Bur and Tan, Des and Mal and the Lake between Ndm, Loc, Ada, Hau and Zin are impassable for armies. By the way the lake between Nkv and Ank isn't connected with the "Nile". Further the Chari-River is not assigned to be navigable by fleets. Therefore building a fleet in Chad N'djamena, Ndm, is senseless.

5. Due to the navigable rivers there are eleven coastal regions which separate rivers from the sea or a river from another. - These are: Dam wc/ec, Cai wc/ec, Ass wc/ec, Con wc/ec, Bia nc/sc, Abi nc/sc, Ada nc/wc, Kon wc/ec, Kan wc/ec, Ova wc/ec, Ecp nc/sc.

6. There are two coastal regions, Sinai and Israel, which separate the Red Sea from the Eastern Mediterranean Sea: - Sin nc/sc, Isr wc/sc.

7. Sen-Gam and Ahu-Qab: Although Gam separates the coast of Sen as Qab separates the coast of Ahu, Sen and Ahu are NOT dual-coast regions. Therefore a fleet is e.g. able to move from Nou to Sen to Gbi. Imagine that Gam and Qab give free passage to fleets;-)

8. The Suez Canal: - An army is also able to enter the canal zone to bridge it and pass directly into the adjacent territories. Possible orders are e.g.: "A cai - sue", "A cai - sin", "F cai(ec/wc) - sue" but not "F cai(ec/wc) - sin".

9. Island regions: Although the island regions like Sey, Mau etc. are mainly surrounded by water, fleets in these regions are not able to convoy.